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How to Attract Your True Love with an Abundance Mentality

For decades I imprisoned myself in a job I hated because of fear. Fear I wouldn’t get another job. Fear I wouldn’t get a comparable salary. Fear my skills weren’t good enough. I was imprisoned by a scarcity mentality that extended to everything else in my life including family, friends, and working relationships, and even […]

What COVID-19 Is Doing to Dating and Sex

If you’ve put dating on hold to wait out the pandemic, you could be waiting a long time. COVID-19 may be around for a while, changing the way we do a lot of things, including dating and sex. But take heart. This may not be a bad thing at all. Is staying away from dating […]

dating over 60 advice

We’re Daisy and Cosmo. We’re both in our 60’s. We met online. Daisy was 63 and Cosmo was 59.

We’ve both been through the rejections, disappointments and stresses of mature dating . . . and then the joy, love and happiness when we found each other.

Ours is a dating success story. We both knew after the second date that we were exactly right for each other.

Coincidentally, we discovered we were living across the street from each other . . . for 7 years! But we never would have met, if not for online dating.

You just never know how love will come to you.

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