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Finding Love After Widowhood: Are You Really Ready To Date Again?

Is finding love after widowhood a challenge for you as you’re dating (or thinking about dating) later in life? “It takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, and a day to love them, but it takes an entire lifetime to forget them.” —Anonymous When you’ve lost a loved one, […]

Why Dating and Addiction Don’t Mix

If you’ve read some of our articles here on Smart Dating Over 60, you’ll see we’re usually not talking about dating for its own sake, but about dating with a purpose. Traditionally, the main purpose of dating is to evaluate potential partners for a secure, meaningful, and long-term relationship. Of course, there are other reasons […]

Our Best Advice for Better First Dates Over 60

Cosmo got lucky when he started dating in later life. We met on the second first date he had. We both knew right away that this was it. He was done with first dates. I had countless first dates and, like most people, they ranged from good to okay to horrible. Even though Cosmo didn’t […]

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We’re Daisy and Cosmo. We’re both in our 60’s. We met online. Daisy was 63 and Cosmo was 59.

We’ve both been through the rejections, disappointments and stresses of mature dating . . . and then the joy, love and happiness when we found each other.

Ours is a dating success story. We both knew after the second date that we were exactly right for each other.

Coincidentally, we discovered we were living across the street from each other . . . for 7 years! But we never would have met, if not for online dating.

You just never know how love will come to you.

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