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Dating Over 60: 17 Inspirational Examples of Success Later in Life

There was a time I figured my chances of finding love at 60 were slim to none. As my fifth decade drew to a close and another long-term relationship failed, I resigned myself to growing old single. But something changed my mind. My old-person mindset was certainly reinforced by a youth-oriented culture which offered me […]

5 Things Men Should Never Do on a First Date

I met a lot of nice men that I had a pleasant enough first date with, over the course of the two years I seriously dated before I met Cosmo. Maybe because I overlooked a lot of things that might be deal breakers for other women. My feeling was that first dates can be stressful. […]

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We’re Daisy and Cosmo. We’re both in our 60’s. We met online. Daisy was 63 and Cosmo was 59.

We’ve both been through the rejections, disappointments and stresses of mature dating . . . and then the joy, love and happiness when we found each other.

Ours is a dating success story. We both knew after the second date that we were exactly right for each other.

Coincidentally, we discovered we were living across the street from each other . . . for 7 years! But we never would have met, if not for online dating.

You just never know how love will come to you.

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